Organic olive oil (extra native) – Tenuta San Felice bottle 0.75 L


Organic olive oil (extra native) – Tenuta San Felice bottle 0.75 L


Kind of Olive

Cultivar San Felice, local strain of the region ‘Giano dell’Umbria’; oval, black-purple fruit.


Harmonic taste from a combination with a fruity note and savoury bitterness. The delicate and round taste makes this oil perfect to hone soups made from legume, Carpaccio, meat and fish dishes. Also ideal to hone grilled and raw vegetables and all kind of salads.


Sensory attitudes of the Oil: Viscid oil, non filtrated and therefore slightly murky.

Alltitude of the growing area: 450 m.

Trimming of the trees: vaso policonico

Harvesting time: Mid- to end October
Pressing of the oil: The pressing of the oil is done at the traditional way at the in-house stone mill of the Tenuta San Felice within 24 hours after the harvest. The technique used is a cold pressing (17-20°C) and is done by using only mechanical means. At no stage the oil is exposed to heat. After the pressing, the oil is stored in stainless steel tanks where it can decant in a natural way.

Organic farming: Our farm strictly applies organic criteria and is certified under the European organic control number IT BIO ICAL L602


D.O.P is a seal of quality and a description for protected origin of the product

Acid: <0,2% (limit value for native Olive oil extra from Italy: <0,8%, Limit value for DOP-olives: <0,6%)

Since our oil is non-filtrated all different flavours will stay at the oil. Furthermore, this oil has a particularly high share of natural antioxidants. Possible sediments at the bottom of the bottle are rest of olives and normal with non-filtrated oil.

Size: 0,5L.; 0,75 L. bottle and 5 L. stainless steel canister

Availability: immediately / shipping to all EU


Polpette di nasello su vellutata di ceci

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