Olive Oil extra native

The organic olive oil (extra native) produced at the Tenuta San Felice differs from other olive oils through the production proces and the quality

For our olive oil we only use local type of olives: Muraiolo, Leccino, San Felice and Frantoiano.The pressing is done in the traditional way at the company’s own stone mill always within 24 hours after harvest of the olives. This is the first cold pressing (17-20 ° C), the oil is not exposed to heat at any stage of the production process.  After the pressing, the oil is stored in steel tanks so it can decant in a natural way. Another special feature of our oil that we do not filter the oil.  Thus, all natural flavours and ingrediants remain in the oil and it contains a particularly high portion of antioxidants. The result is a first-class olive oil with a harmonious taste, fruity notes and spicy bitterness. The olive oil from the Tenuta San Felice is certified to the following standards: • EU Organic certification • DOP (Controled Designation of Origin)