In our dairy farm, the cheese varieties ricotta and pecorino are being produced.

The shepherd is responsible for the production of cheese. Having milked the sheep by hand he than produces both ricotta and pecorino. Overall, the production takes 3-4 hours and is particularly interesting for the children. The highlight of the production process is the stab of the curd, the moment when the milk coagulates to firm cheeses. Ricotta has a creamy – mild tastemaking it perfect for spreading on bread (plain or sweetened) or to refine pasta sauces. Pecorino however, has an either mild or intense spicy flavor to depending on the maturity of the cheese.

The production of the cheese takes place twice a week in the months January – June.

Just like the olive oil also the cheese of the Tenuta San Felice is certified to the following standards:

  • EU Organic certification
  • DOP (Protected Designation of Origin)