Quality, naturalness and sustainability is the mission and integral part of the philosophy of the Tenuta San Felice. Through its own organic cultivation of the feedstock needed we ensure the high quality of the final products (olive oil, ricotta, pecorino).On the farm there is the olive oil mill. The mill of the Tenuta is operatin in the traditional way.The stone mill extracts the oil from the olive, only using mechanical forces (spremitura a freddo).The result is a truly authentic olive oil, containing all its natural ingredients. During the period of oil production (early October – end December), it is possible to actively accompany each step of the production or observe the whole proces. This includes the harvesting of the olives, the pressing of the oil and the filling of the finished product. Our bleating friends – the sheep – play a vital role on the farm. Accompanied by our shepherd they roam around freely on the lands of Tenuta and eat the grass and herbs of the region. The sheep are milked by hand and from January to June both ricotta and pecorino is produced twice a week. Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend the cheese production there. This is a unique experience for both, children and adults.